Race Across Limits was born 10 years ago when I began racing in my life against all limits.

In August 2007 my husband became a quadriplegic after an accident at the lake and from there our life under went through
a major change.

Since then, living our lives to the fullest has been our number one priority. Being a Fitness/sport enthusiast, I threw myself head on with completing my first triathlon. Difficulty and suffering have been two words that fuel me in my everyday life. The long distances that each Ironman must face also face these two words that now have become a part of me. This company helps those individuals face every day with their own limits, allowing them to overcome them through efforts. Although there are painful efforts, there is much more satisfaction at the end when that
challenge has been met and accomplished.

be yourself be a hero

Purpose of the Enterprise

Raising funds for the C.O.ME COLLABORATION ONLUS Foundation is our goal.

The non-profit organization deals with osteopathic care, in a totally free sense. Newborns and disabled children in Italy, Moldova, Spain, South East Asia and North Africa are our focus.

Osteopathic care performed on children and infants will provide improvement of the physical and mental disability these children face.

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We will cycle 2200km with more than 17000mt of climbing.
The departure is scheduled from Besana in Brianza. We will cross the Piedmont Region all the way to the Costa Azzurra. We will through it entirely and then go back to Lourdes. We will then be faced with the Pyrenees and then head west to our final destination: Santiago de Compostela.

18 stages with all different distances and difficulties will make us cross through Italy, France and Spain.



From 14th to 31th July 2018

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The Idea

The idea is to sell the various stages to the participants for € 100 each. The money will be donated to the Foundation. Participants will be provided with a state of the art cycling shirt with the sponsors logo. Motivation, medical assistance and professional bike mechanics will be provided for all participants. With that, we will also have a professional photographer specializing in sport photography on hand. There will be a camper and a vehicle that will be accessible for the disabled following the group for further assistance. A journalist will be interviewing the participants throughout all stages.

The stages will be defined in a precise way based on the number of participants. Each stage will be logistically picked based on the proximity of railway stations and accommodations available. The event will be structured to allow every possible solution for those participating in this event.

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